Entering an award is a ‘good learning curve and prompt for self-analysis’

Emma Carey - MSB

They say ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ and, if the experience of MSB Solicitors’ Emma Carey is anything to go by, it’s a phrase that certainly rings true when it comes to industry awards.

Although no stranger to achieving nominations and victories, be it recognition amongst legal sector peers or within the wider business community, managing partner Emma insists the initial stage of entering can be hugely valuable to a company.

“The process of completing an awards application is actually a really good learning curve and a great prompt for some self-analysis, which is so important,” explains the lawyer at the helm of Liverpool-based MSB, which won 2018’s coveted ‘Best Law Firm’ category at the NWPAs.

“Every time we have submitted applications they’ve been very much a team effort,” she adds. “I know some businesses employ external companies to do theirs, but we always do our own applications.”

“It’s a valuable tool for consolidating achievements – a means to look back and think ‘wow, look what we did there’ and ‘what else can we do?’.”

Whether the award is recognising individual employees, whole departments or the entire firm, Emma believes the entry stage provides a rare opportunity to bring teams together and look back at previous success.

“We think it’s important to involve those individuals nominated, but also the wider team,” she adds. “It’s a great way of reflecting on what we’ve done.

“It’s also a valuable tool for consolidating milestones and achievements – a means to look back and think ‘wow, look what we did there’ and ‘what else can we do?’.

“Obviously to then be shortlisted is brilliant for morale and uplifting for the whole team. And we love an awards ceremony, it’s a good night out and a chance to celebrate as a team.”

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