The NWPAs - The venue, Lutyens Crypt

Lutyens Crypt, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

With its awe-inspiring architecture, vaulted arches and amazing brickwork, what was intended merely as the Lower Sacristy has been repurposed into the perfect venue for our amazing event.

Getting here

Lutyens Crypt – Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
Cathedral House
Mount Pleasant
L3 5TQ

Arriving by car:
If you’re using satnav, enter the postcode L3 5TQ. Alternatively, follow directions to Mount Pleasant. Once you have entered Liverpool and the city centre, brown tourist signs will help in directing you to the Cathedrals and nearby Liverpool University.

If you are unfamiliar with Liverpool, we would advise familiarising yourself with the Metropolitan Cathedral; it is a unique structure and easily recognisable landmark.

Arriving by train:
The venue is best reached via Liverpool Lime Street Station or Liverpool Central Station; both 15 minutes away by foot or 5 minutes by taxi.

Street access / finding the entrance:
The entrance to the crypt is located on Brownlow Hill – a long road starting at the Adelphi hotel and leading up and away from the city centre. If you are walking up it, you will find the entrance on your right as you approach the Metropolitan Cathedral. If you are walking down it, you will find the entrance just past a row of shops (Tesco Express, etc) on your left. It is rather unassuming, in contrast to the Cathedral’s main entrance on the opposite side of the site, so be careful not to miss it.

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